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  1. ROBOT O/H.
  2. ROBOT repair and maintenance.  
  4. The accuracy adjustment and test operation of ROBOT after assembly.
Anodization treatment is widely used in the main process equipment of semiconductor and LCD industry. For the anode component of large generation machine of LCD industry, if partial anode film damage occurs, it is usually needed to disassemble the entire part for recoating. We have introduced related repair technology into the company for such partial anode damage, which can perform on-site partial repair on large scale anode component. It can greatly reduce machine recovery time and film re-deposition cost.
Our company, in addition acting as distributor of chiller of Japanese company MIURA, we also have rich experiences in the maintenance and repair of chiller of all kinds of brands applied in semiconductor and LCD process.
as well as provide new antifreeze sales services.
RF / Matching
We provide services such as RF/Matching Box maintenance and repair, improvement and upgrading, and modification, etc.
Our company provides maintenance and repair service regarding valves of all brands and models for vacuum system. In order to enhance maintenance and repair quality, the assembly of all the valves is conducted in clean room. For the test after maintenance and repair, in addition to general action test and He leak test, we have also installed related test fixture (MFC&PUMP& chamber) for valves used in pressure control purpose. We will perform real pressure control test after maintenance and repair so as to reduce the probability of problems occurred after they are hooked up to the machine.
Various heaters, electrical thermostats, insulating tapes sales , and  heater performance improvement technical services provide